Works in Progress

TOMBOY RULES is a chapter book series about feisty Mabel Davies. In the first book, BLOSSOMS ARE ALWAYS PREPARED, Mabel finds herself on the outs with her Blossoms troop after crunching the cookie sale and must use her wits to escape a stinky situation. Here is an excerpt from the (since deleted but still dear to my heart) prologue:

Sometimes there are rules. They aren’t written down or hung on the wall, but you still have to follow them. One is not using your school scissors to cut someone’s hair. Also, girls should like pink and dolls. I don’t follow that rule. I don’t follow most rules actually.
I’m a tomboy, and you can spot a tomboy from a mile away. I’m always the one in what some moms would call play clothes: comfortable pants with room to move around; layered shirts for temperature control; tennis shoes ready for a race at a moment’s notice; and never, ever any tights. The tomboy uniform helps me do things like move with lightning fast speed, throw a perfect pitch, or climb a tree.
Like most tomboys, I’m always looking for adventure. Sometimes I find it in the strangest places.

PASS GAS HERE is the how-to picture book for flatulence and teaches kids when and where it’s okay to pass gas.

A nose-noogie cat hug, a chin-scruffly grandpa hug, a warm-squishy mommy hug: he loves them all, but there’s one super-squeeze is the best of all. Read about the different kinds of hugs and find your favorite in the picture book I NEED A HUG.


2 responses to “Works in Progress

  1. Bonnie J. Toomey

    May 16, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Hi, Beth!
    I enjoyed reading some of your blog. I am a grandmother now, but I can remember having those moments as a young mom, the hardest job we ever do is motherhood, and one of the most important! Just one question: what was causing the itch?!

    • cocoanqueso

      May 16, 2011 at 10:04 am

      Hello Bonnie! Thanks for your comment. Congratulations on being a grandmother! That is an important job also! As for your question…hm…perhaps I need to edit the post…Mommy brain is at it again! The outside of the underwear elastic was causing the discomfort. You’re right about motherhood being difficult, but it is already so rewarding! I’ll deal with the inside-out underwear if it means I get to experience the joy my son brings me. I’m glad I’m not alone in my mommy moments though!


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