About the Blog

“Publish.” That word gives me goose bumps. It encompasses my idea of success, my desire to encourage self-discovery in others, and my need to be a good example for my son. That word also terrifies me. The thought of my writing out there in the world for real people (like you!) to read makes me feel a little nauseated. But, today I’m taking that leap. I’m writing the post. I’m clicking publish. Now what? Well, I want this to be a place you visit when you’re feeling a little sick from your own writing. Come here like you’d go home for your mom’s mac n cheese.

So, here’s how the blog works. Early in the week, I’ll post a writing-related question. Your job is to post a response to the question during the week. Be honest and blow off some steam. Admit to things you might not otherwise. Take that leap and let your own writing out into the world (chances are no one on here knows who you really are anyway)! Don’t forget to check back to read the other comments and vote on your favorite. On Friday, I’ll highlight the readers’ favorite answer and post my own answer to the question. Ready? Set? Publish!


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