About Me

About Beth Arnstein

I was born a yinzer in 1984, the oldest of three girls. Between the three of us and my mom, I’m not sure my dad ever got to use the bathroom. We even had a female cat and a guppy who ate her mate and her babies. Poor Dad.

My interest in writing began thanks to my mom who asked me to illustrate Blowing Kisses (my sister Katie later reworked the book) after we wrote it together. I wrote my first solo book at age 7. It was called Blue Streaks and it was based on a dream I had. Though I illustrated it myself, I have since left the artwork to my very talented sister Katie, who has illustrated some of my picture books. My youngest sister, Juliann, is brilliant. I’m certain she will change the world, no matter what her occupation. Maybe she’ll lend us some of her brilliance and collaborate on a book.

I wouldn’t be writing without my superhusband’s support. I met him at Saint Francis University while I was a resident assistant and he was a resident director (The equivalent of my boss! Gasp!). After I graduated with a degree in elementary and special education, I took a teaching job in North Carolina. My husband left his home in New York to follow me there and back to Pittsburgh, where, to my parent’s delight, we’ve put down roots. In just two years, we got married, bought a fixer-upper, and had Mister (which, by the way, is not his real name. My husband did suggest it when we were choosing names, though.  He said with a name like Mister Arnstein, he’d always get respect.  Instead we chose a more respectable name).


Now that’s the stuff back stories are made of. For more about me and links to my books, also visit


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Robbie MacNiven

    August 26, 2012 at 11:47 am

    Hey, saw you signed up for GUTGAA. Just doing a few rounds and saying hi to fellow writers, like the blog 🙂

    • cocoanqueso

      August 27, 2012 at 7:06 am

      Thanks, Robbie. I’m enjoying checking out your content as well (I’m guily of Writer Snootiness, and I write PB!). Good luck at GUTGAA!

  2. Kevin Christofora

    September 12, 2012 at 10:50 am

    Hi Beth, you little Pirates fan. I grew up here in NY hating having to watch the Jets and Giants every weekend and became a Steeler fan at a young age. My first child followed in good fashion. My next two kids had a lot of influence by grandpa and became Jets and Giants fans. Mom has remained neutral and we all argue who the dog routes for. However we are all huge Yankee fans. I am actually the president of our little league and my first act as commisssioner was to eliminate the redsox from our league. I disbanded them! And followed with instuting the Pirates. keeping the black and gold visible all year long.

    i have seemed to get off track……i was contacting you for two things. 1. Thanks for so much help and interest in my pitch. and 2. There is a bean to bar chocolate shop in my neighborhood. have you ever had one made in such a process? they are just way better than any other chocolate you could have. check them out:!/fruitionchocolateworks/info


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