28 Jul

I haven’t posted in a long time. It isn’t Monday. I’m not planning to follow my own poll-and-discuss format. There are exactly thirty-eight bazillion other things I should be doing right now (I counted). But yet, here I am. Maybe it’s because when I struggle with something, I have a need to write it out. Maybe it’s because I think other people might struggle with this too, and reading this post might help. Maybe it’s just to avoid the thirty-eight bazillion other things. Whatever the reason, I’m here. Thanks for being here too.

My writing is in a weird place. After years of working on what I thought was a middle grade series (and still might be, just not how I originally saw it), I have been reworking it. I’m combining the first two books in the series into one book. I’m almost to the point that I’ll be able to tell whether or not it works. Chapter 17. I have most of the plot together, the characters are fleshed out,  but I have a few holes. Most of the holes are scenes of introspection. Apparently, getting inside the head of a character who resides in my head is a little too much for my brain to handle. As a result, those pivotal, essential, entirely necessary scenes are weak. Recently, I even skipped over writing one all together, leaving “insert what character is thinking” in parentheses in its place (I really like parentheses).

So, I’m wondering, do you have trouble writing the scenes that get in your characters’ heads? Have you read a book with really strong introspection? Do you have a trick you use when approaching these scenes? Please share in the comments.

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