Book-Themed Birthday

07 Nov says, “Birthday party themes can take a lot of work out of planning a birthday party. Choosing a theme makes decorating, games, and even the food much easier to pull together.”

I agree. And if the theme is special to the birthday boy or girl, it makes it even more fun! Just ask Mister.

So, where to start? Well, I look at what Mister likes. Right now it’s eating, playing outside, listening to music, playing games, doing art, reading books, learning how and why things work and watching his favorite monkey on TV. Based on that, I come up with a list of choices. This year it was an art party, a camping themed party (because we call him Bear), a science themed party, and a Curious George Party. Now that I’ve done a party with a book (okay, okay, and it’s a TV show too) theme, there will be a lot more book titles in my future ideas lists.

It seems book-themed parties are pretty popular for baby showers right now, but books are great inspiration for party ideas when our little ones can celebrate with us, too! The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Dr. Seuss already have a lot of ideas out there. Here are some other book ideas:

The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds, Press Here (and/or Mix It Up) by Herve Tullet:

Color(s): red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple in lots of dots

Activities: painting on a canvas, dot scavenger hunt

Food: cupcakes on a palette with different colors of icing and toppings

Favors: watercolor set, Dots candy

Splat the Cat:

Color(s): black, white, pink

Activities: pin the tail on Splat, decorate your own duck (Splat books always have lots of ducks in the illustrations), find Seymour scavenger hunt

Food: cupcakes decorated with candy or icing fish bones

Favors: Swedish Fish or Goldfish

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle:

Color(s): blue

Activities: Don’t get stuck in the mud musical chairs, find the animals scavenger hunt

Favors: Little, blue trucks, big, green toads

Curious George by Margaret and H.A. Rey:

Color(s): red, yellow, light blue

Activities: Pin the banana on George, Monkey See, Monkey Doodle craft, character scavenger hunt

Food: Chef Pisghetti’s pizza pie, Jumpy Squirrel’s mixed nuts, The Quint’s fish crackers, Renkins’ farm fresh veggies

What I like most about choosing a book for a children’s party theme is that you can really go bananas with the little details that make a party special. And go bananas we did. Here are some pictures from Mister’s big day:

IMG_20141101_145842230[1]IMG_20141101_145657601[1]IMG_20141101_173710136[1]IMG_20141101_145811536[1] IMG_20141101_145747096[1]IMG_20141101_145818982[1] IMG_20141101_145830750[1]   IMG_20141101_145732945[2]

It would be the ultimate joy to have childrens’ birthday parties planned around one of my books. Maybe some day…

Helpful Links:

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