03 Dec

On the wagon. In the saddle. Off the bench. Whatever idiom you choose to use, I’m back.

On the wagon. In the saddle. Off the bench. Whatever idiom you choose to use, I’m back. But it has been a month of Sundays since I wrote a new post. I’m a little rusty. But there are some good reasons:

1. I’ve reached another crossroad in my writing. As I talked about here, I’ve been working with the Plot Planner mapped out in the book The Plot Whisperer. It has made a huge difference in my middle grade manuscript. I’m finally starting to feel like I’m almost done with this book. And just in time. I have about a month left to submit to recent conference contacts.

2. So, when I’m not sitting down and revising or thinking about revising, chances are, I’m working on my house. I finished the fireplace project:

Fireplace BEFORE2013-10-21_12-51-39_441

And I’ve started another project in my non-writing life: the basement.

Future Family Room2013-12-03_19-30-51_0

3. As if I wasn’t busy with enough building, I got some really, really good advice about building an online platform. Stephanie Keyes, author of the Star Child books and networking extraordinaire, recommends that any online activity conducted by authors (including blogs) should follow the 9:1 rule. That means that for every 1 thing I post about myself, I need to post 9 things about someone else. After this post, I think I owe 463 posts about others.

It seems that all areas in my life are in the middle of a rebuild. I’m still trying to figure a lot out, but in the meantime, I’m back to blogging. I sure hope its like riding a bike.

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