Something New

26 Aug

Hi. Remember me? If not check out this post and this page. And here are some new things I recently discovered about myself:

I can ice cupcakes to look like hydrangeas (thanks to Rosie Cake Diva and youtube)


Fall makes me nostalgic.

I like having a preschooler much better than having an infant.

I really, really love peanut butter.

Creating anything, like my other work-in-progress my fireplace surround, is fulfilling.


When I upgrade my phone, I need one with a better camera.

Curious George entertains me almost as much as he entertains Mister.

I like the smell of honeysuckle blossoms, but I do not like the vine they grow on.

I need a bigger wall.


Okay, I know the orange color is awful. And, yes, the room is actually painted that color, but hopefully not for long. Let’s get past that, shall we? Why the bigger wall? On to the post.

I sit down with my Kindle copy of Martha Alderson’s The Plot Whisperer (discovered in Darcy Pattison’s article How To Diagnose Your Novel’s Strengths and Weaknesses), Mister’s Crayola markers, and every color Post-it note in the house. I’m determined to diagnose the problems in the 19th (yes 19th!) draft of my work-in-progress and I’ve got to do it fast. Rutgers One-on-One Plus is less than two months away. 

I follow Ms. Alderson’s procedures for identifying the turning points, action plot, character emotional development, and theme. Soon I’ve got something that looks like the picture above.A beautifully visual representation of my manuscript. With some holes. See the yellow notes? Those are the areas that need work. But the good news is that now I know where they are.

What new thing (writing related or not) have you tried lately that really worked? What new thing are you planning to try soon?

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