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13 May

When I signed in this morning, I remembered that I forgot to write Friday’s follow-up post on pleasure reading. So, today is a bonus two-part post!

Last Monday, I asked about reading for pleasure. Mostly because I was feeling a little guilty about reading some juvenile fiction…for fun. Since then, I’ve read two more books in The 39 Clues series, two Judy Blume Fudge books, one Lucy Rose, an A to Z Mystery, a new YA novel called You Are Mine by Janeal Falor, and a book of knock-knock jokes (that one was mostly for Mister).

When I’m reading, Husband usually asks, “How’s the book?” And I usually launch in to some plot element that I wasn’t sold on or a character description that was magically perfect. Which leads him to asking, “Can’t you read just for fun anymore?”

My answer? No.

One of the best parts about writing for kids is that when I’m reading, even for fun, I’m learning. Kind of like when kids are reading. Or singing or playing or even sleeping. But, also just like kids, I prefer when I don’t feel like I’m learning. When I can read kidlit and have a little fun (like with The 39 Clues or You Are Mine) while I’m learning, I’m more open-minded. I learn more than when I do if the lesson is pushed on me.

I guess that is why they advise writers (like in this article)  not to preach in picture books.

That leads to this week’s question. I’d like to know:

What hidden lessons did you learn from your favorite picture books?

If you need help remembering some of your favorites, check out this list of the 100 best-loved children’s books. I look forward to your comments!

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