15 Apr

“I have my doctor kit, Mom Bear,” Mister says. He flips the bag and the tools clunk to the floor.

“I can’t really play doctor now,” I say. “I’m cooking dinner.”

“No, Mom, you don’t have to cook,” he insists.

As much as I wish it were true, nobody wants to see either of us when we’re hungry. “I do have to cook, Bud Bear,” I say. “If you want to eat, I have to cook. How about you give me a check-up while I cook?”

“Okay!” Mister says excitedly. He sticks the stethoscope earpieces in his ears. “First, I will check your heart.”

Before I can put down my food turner and kneel, Mister has the stethoscope’s chest piece on my butt.

“Sounds good,” he says, un-phased.

I’m cracking up.


If my heart had moved to my butt, it would explain the extra volume it has gained lately, but, that just isn’t the case. Mister’s check-up did get me thinking, though. So much that it led to this week’s prompt:

If your heart was somewhere other than your chest, where would it be? Where are the hearts of your characters?


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