A Nut

05 Apr

I think if I had a second chance with the lady from the basement workshop, I’d still resist filling in the blank with all the things I’d like to call her. But, I also think that I’d say something, anything, to let her know how badly she made me feel. I wonder what she’d do if I thanked her for offering to watch Mister next time, for free since we’re trying to budget for a basement remodel. Or maybe I’d even say something about Jesus and the children, because mentioning Him seems to really drive home a point (and we were in a church for goodness sakes).

But, thankfully, that woman is not the point of this post. Nope. Today I’m thinking positively. On Monday, the prompt was to fill in “I am a ________” with as many positive things that apply. Mary posted a comment:

I am a spouse. I am an animal lover (and, of course, a kid lover, too) I am a coach/sounding board/voice of reason to bat-crap crazy people (mostly people who adopt/own dogs without having done their homework first.)  I am an employee. I am an athlete (although the older I get, the faster I used to be).  I am a volunteer.  I am a lover of cooking and baking (although not so much a lover of cleaning up afterwards). I am an avid reader and a fair weather gardener.  I am a citizen of the US and a lover of travel.  I am a dreamer and a bit unfocused sometimes — including now…so back to work for me!

Beautiful, no? Since Mary is also my sister-in-law, I can add that she’s a wonderful aunt to my son. And she cooks a darn good vegetarian mac n cheese.

Using Mary’s comment for inspiration, it is time to own up to who I am.

I am a ___________.

I am a mother, (like it or not, and sometimes I do not) whose child has filled every time and place in my heart. I am a wife. I am a cook. Some days I’m maybe even a chef. I am a crazy cat lady (who keeps the cat even after she peed in our shoes). I am a planner. I am a learner. I am a teacher (even if now I only have one pupil).  I am a crafter. I am funny (usually followed by “dammit!”). I am a reader. I am a daughter and a sister and a friend. I am a strong woman. I am a human, and as such I have permission to make mistakes and learn from them. But I’m still a perfectionist. I am a patient, newly diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis (cause still being determined) in over 40 of my joints, but, I do not have patience (for this condition or most other things). I am a handywoman. And, yes, I am a writer. In fact, I’m a prolific, relatively newly-published children’s writer working on humorous picture books and a promising middle grade with series potential.

That’s me in a nutshell! I guess that also makes me a nut…

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