04 Feb

It’s the day after the Society of Childrens Books Writers and Illustrators winter conference. I’m home, my bags are unpacked, and I’m back to casual jeans and a loose ponytail, but there’s no time to relax. I have a to-do list a mile long: compile a recommended reading list, connect with people I met via social media, prepare submissions, develop the story idea scribbled in the margins of my conference notes, and much more.

The thing is, and it is a good thing, Mister missed me. He’s got a to-do list too: play excuse me sir (where basically he’s a short-order cook who chucks food I didn’t order through his kitchen window at me), be served at our pretend restaurant, read every book on the shelf, create a fake lake in the living room, and definitely do not let Mom get anything done. Today, his to-do list gets first priority.

But paying attention to him is making me feel antsy. Misaligned. Like I have an itch I can’t scratch. But that might not be so bad.

Since…um…fall, maybe, I’ve been a little unmotivated. I didn’t feel like I had much new stuff to offer. I couldn’t bring myself to do revisions, which I’m not fond of even when I am motivated. I’m even behind on my reading list.

But now I’ve got this drive that goes beyond the time I have to work. New ideas are popping up again. And I’m even excited to revise. I’ll take the incurable itch if it means wanting to write. It is a problem that might turn out to be a good thing.

When have you had a problem that actually turned out to be a good thing?

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One response to “Misaligned

  1. Renee

    February 6, 2013 at 1:50 am

    Awesome succinct post. You nailed the return to earth story that happens when mommy writers get a reprieve from their daily moorings. The lack of gravity has given your writing some levity… Hug your baby, but dont let go of what that spaceflight gave you either!


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