Progress Report

25 Jan

Today is my grown-up version of the manilla envelope sealed and market “To the Parent/Guardian of…” Yup. It is progress report time.

On Monday, I posted parts of my marketing plan for my ebook I’m Not Afraid of Anything. One of the best things to come from Monday’s post was that I felt held accountable for my marketing plan. Knowing that other people could read what I planned to do, made me actually want to do it. So, I started with the objective outlined below:

Objective: to identify online resources for promotion of my book.

Plan (one of five for this objective):

Get 50 new likes on my facebook author page


1. Invite friends from my personal page to “like” my author page

2. Post comments on other facebook pages related to my target market asking for “likes” (like the local library and the MeeGenius page)

3. Introduce an incentive program for getting to a certain number of likes. For example, each new person to “like” my page is entered to win a MeeGenius giftcard when the goal is met

So far, I’ve invited friends from my personal page, posted comments to a few Pittsburgh-related and devices facebook pages, and started planning an incentive program. I’ve also started working on some of the other objectives I didn’t share on Monday. I’m pretty pleased with how much I’ve done with just a few days’ work.

Since there were no marketing stories or tips shared in the comments section of Monday’s post, I’d like to outline and link to a few other articles about marketing.

Robert JR Graham was kind enough to link to Monday’s post in his own post about marketing. In it, he says you can extend the life of a marketing plan by creating spin-off products, booking speaking events, and finding what from your topic is “evergreen,” or pertinent from year to year. Read the full article here

Duolit blogger Shannon shares her marketing mistakes including being ill prepared for a book signing and not using time efficiently. Plus, she’s funny, which I really appreciate.

This post by Kelly Schuknecht is over a year old, but offers links to social media marketing tips

A lot of the information about book marketing that is out there is about self-published books, but authors are responsible for doing more and more of their own marketing, self-published or not, so I think these links can help all of us. I hope you found something in my posts or the links you can use. Thanks for reading!

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