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21 Jan

I’ve learned quickly that marketing is not so easy that a monkey could do it. But it also isn’t space exploration, one of George’s other adventures, either. I’m finding that, like most things, there are ways to make it more manageable.

I just found this resource from Dog Ear Publishing that outlines (in “chapters”) how to write a marketing plan for a book. It breaks it down into these parts:

Chapter One- Who will buy your book?

Chapter Two- What is your GOAL?

Chapter Three- What objectives, plans, and actions will you take to meet that goal?

Chapter Four- What is your timeline and budget?

Chapter Five- What is the brand you’re creating with your plan?

My book I’m Not Afraid of Anything with the digital publisher MeeGenius has sold pretty well so far. But I think with some focused effort, sales would improve. So, I started working on the marketing plan using this format. I’m going to share a little bit of it in hopes that it could help someone else who is starting to market a book.


Chapter One- Who will buy your book?

I’d like to think that any parent who reads to a child would buy my book, but that just isn’t reality, and thinking about who would actually buy it can help me direct my marketing efforts. Here’s what I came up with:

1. My book is about a boy who thinks he will go down the bathtub drain when the water goes out (if you’ve never read the book, you can see a preview to get an idea of what it is like and/or buy it here). So, the book would be useful for a child who is suffering with an illogical fear, like of the bathtub drain, or, since the end of the book also mentions it, the vacuum.

2. The book is an ebook. It is available for use on the iphone or android or online, so the audience has to be slightly technologically savvy.

3. Since I have a background in teaching, I created lesson plans to go with my book. this makes teachers part of my target audience.

Chapter Two- What is your GOAL?

I’ve seen selling X number of copies or making X number of dollars as typical goals in the publishing world, but I don’t think they work for me or this book. My GOAL is to increase the sale of this book enough (by marketing to the target audience above) to be asked to publish a sequel with MeeGenius and/or submit this story and have it accepted for publication with a traditional publisher.

Chapter Three- What objectives, plans, and actions will you take to meet your goal?

Objectives– these are the steps you take to achieve your

Some examples might be:

1. Set up personal events to promote my book – book signings, seminars, radio interviews, etc.

2. Secure reviews from print resources.

3. Identify online resources for promotion of my book

4. Identify non-retail opportunities for book sales.

5. Create outbound awareness campaign of me, the author, as an expert in my field

(there are more ideas like this in the 89 ideas link below)

Since my book is an ebook, I’d like to start with #3, identifying online resources for promotion of my book.

Plans – your PLANS outline the needed steps to get your OBJECTIVES moving, and they begin to suggest “to do lists” and measurable actions

My objective is to identify online resources for promotion of my book. How I would do that in a measurable way might be to:

1. Comment, with something meaningful or insightful, on 3 well-known writing blogs per day

2. Create a youtube video trailer for my book and publish it to my website and facebook

3. Post a new facebook status on my book’s page each day

4. Get 50 new likes on my facebook author page

5. Elicit three new reviews for my book on Goodreads (and, because I can’t spell, here)

I think 5 is a good number to start with.

Actions– these are the details of each PLAN

Okay, again, my objective is to identify online resources for the promotion of my book. If I focus on one plan to meet that objective, say getting 50 new likes on my facebook author page, I might start with these actions:

1. Invite friends from my personal page to “like” my author page

2. Post comments on other facebook pages related to my target market asking for “likes” (like the local library and the MeeGenius page)

3. Introduce an incentive program for getting to a certain number of likes. For example, each new person to “like” my page is entered to win a MeeGenius giftcard when the goal is met

Then I would continue to outline the actions for each of the five plans in the same way.

Chapter Four- What is your timeline and budget?

I am a stay-at-home mother of a toddler. End of discussion about time and money.

Chapter Five- What is the brand you’re creating with your plan?

In general, I think people care about other people more than they care about a product, so a brand should “push you as the primary product, building a brand around what you know and your ‘mystique’ as an author.” I don’t know about my “mystique,” but I think if I present myself as an author who cares about what I write and who is reading it, I’ll be happy with my “brand.”

Based on these “chapters,” I now have a pretty clear plan to market this book. The first step is taken. The harder part if going to be following through. Please share details about your own marketing efforts in the comments, and I’ll update the progress on mine there as well. Happy marketing!

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