Coal and A Pickle

01 Jan

If you’re like me, you’ve been scarfing down the last of the Christmas cookies, visiting with friends and family, and enjoying a little holiday break (I even allowed myself a little blogging break, as you may have noticed). And, also like me, you might be dreading the return to normal daily life that starts tomorrow for some. Well, I’m not ready for the holidays to be over. I’d like to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out the holiday spirit just a little bit more. That’s why I’m extending the Holiday Photo Caption Challenge to the end of this week. That means there are a couple more days to enter your captions for the holiday photos on the Holiday Photo Caption Challenge post.

If you need a little extra motivation to enter, check out the great prizes for each photo caption winner:

Oh, Santa 2

Photo 1- The winner of the caption for this naughty picture deserves…



or at least coal bubble gum, that is. It could be a blackberry-flavored reminder that Santa’s always watching.

Big DogPhoto 2- Since baby Mister is making such a sour face, the author of the winning caption for this photo gets…


christmas pickleThe Christmas pickle is a Christmas tradition in the United States. A decoration in the shape of a pickle is hidden on a Christmas tree, with the finder receiving either a reward or good fortune for the following year. There are a number of different origin stories attributed to the tradition, but it was primarily thought to have originated in Germany. This has since been disproved and is now thought to be an American tradition from the late 19th century.

One suggested origin has been that the tradition came from Camp Sumter during the American Civil War. The Bavarian-born Private John C. Lower had enlisted in the 103rd Pennsylvania Infantry, but was captured in April 1864 and taken to the prison camp. As the story is told, on Christmas Eve he begged a guard for a pickle whilst starving. The guard provided the pickle, which Lower later credited for saving his life. After returning to his family, he began a tradition of hiding a pickle on their Christmas tree each year. (courtesy wikipedia)

family christmasPhoto 3- May your year be full of awkward family photos like this one, and to this photo caption winner…


awkward family photos

Here’s a description of the game- Get ready to laugh! Our new Awkward Family Photos game combines 20 thought-provoking questions with 124 of the popular website’s classic and never-before-seen photos. Your hilarious answers guarantee a night of awkward fun. And if you know your fellow players well enough and can impress them with your answers, you’ll get the last laugh!

I hope your holiday season was lots of fun. Don’t forget to post your comments on the Holiday Photo Caption Challenge post to keep the fun going. And for a chance to win one of these prizes!

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