Happy Endings

03 Dec

“Everyone should have a bear to love,” I read. It’s the last line of If You Love a Bear by Piers Harper.

“No ‘bear to loves,'” Mister protests.

We move on to the next story.

“I love you more. More than anything in the whole wide world.” I finish I Love You More by Laura Dukstra.

“No ‘love you mores,'” Mister protests again.

I kiss his stubborn two-year-old head.

“No kisses,” he says.

I guess he’s not so much in to happy endings.

What is your favorite kind of story ending? When a book has the kind of ending you don’t particularly care for, how does that make you feel about the rest of the story?

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One response to “Happy Endings

  1. salsanpeeps

    December 3, 2012 at 9:10 am

    I think I like cohesive endings – ones that tie in to the entire story. Best example of this would be mystery stories that come together at the end. I’m okay with surprise endings too. I strongly dislike open endings (leaving books / movies open for sequels). They make me feel cheated. Life of Pi, for example, made me give up books for a few weeks.


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