25 Nov

Michael Ian Black (Chicken Cheeks) is one funny guy. Bernadette Rosetti Shustak (I Love You Through and Through) is super sweet. Dr. Seuss (specific title not necessary) was maybe a little crazy.

Is this true? I don’t know. But it is what the writing of these authors makes me think of them. So what does my writing say about me?

On my facebook page, author Terri Rowe said:

My favorite book when I was a child-well one of my many favorite books-was Ezra Jack Keats “Snowy Day.” I always figured he must have remembered what it was like to be a kid and I have always tried to keep that in mind-my first experiences of moments from when I was a child. I hope that comes across in what I write.

I agree with Terri. What I assume the writers of my favorite books must be like is exactly how I want to seem through my writing. Funny. Sweet. And maybe even (like Dr. Seuss, though he’s not one of favorites–gasp) a little crazy. Why? Because kids are those things.

And there’s more. Writing and reading also bring out the deepest, darkest secrets in a person. That doesn’t mean that Suzanne Collins (Hunger Games) is secretly someone who wishes to see children fight to the death, but maybe she or a reader has felt like they had to defend a set of beliefs despite some serious obstacles (sound like high school to anyone?). Or that a person who reads Harry Potter is a closet sorcerer, but maybe they are looking to find a place to belong. My writing brings out what I’ve ever dreamed, feared, experienced, imagined, felt, or suppressed. And when I read and identify with a character and go on a journey, I experience a smaller degree of the same thing. Sometimes it shows me things I am, wish I could be, or am scared of becoming. And I think we all need this type of exploration too.

I want readers to do what Terri did. To take what they thought of a book or how it made them feel and apply it to their own lives. If I get to seem funny in the process, well, what a bonus.

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