02 Nov

I’ve always been pretty smart. Not top-of-the-class, go-to-Harvard, cure-cancer-someday smart. More like make-the-best-use-of-time, use-this-instead,  solve-this-problem (but not math) smart. Resourceful, maybe is a better word. I think it is what led me to choose my favorite Halloween candy.

I remember dumping out my pillowcase after trick-or-treating and sorting my candy. And my little sisters dumping out their bags and doing the same. And what we noticed about all three bags, even on years we didn’t trick-or-treat in the same neighborhoods was that they always had piles and piles of one kind of candy: Mallo Cups.

A mixture of chocolate and coconut with a whipped creme center.

“I don’t want all these Mallo Cups,” my sister would whine. “Why can’t people give out normal candy like M&Ms?”

But she would try Mallo Cups again anyway, thinking that maybe this year she would like them. And, long after all of the other candy was eaten, Mallo Cups still lined the bottom of her bowl.

That must have been when I got resourceful.

I liked Mallo Cups. So, I thought, if they became my new favorite candy, I might be able to convince my sisters to trade for something they liked better. And not at a 1:1 ratio either. I was right. I’ve eaten a lot of Mallo Cups over the years (though not lately). And, whether it is resourcefulness or taste, I still list them high on my favorite sweets list.

 Sometimes, I’ve got to get resourceful in finding the sweet moments in my writing too.

There are times (like now) that writing isn’t so sweet. My picture ebook just came off MeeGenius’ best seller list. I got another no response on a picture book submission. I’m having a lot of trouble writing the elevator pitch for the first chapter book in the Mabel series. My second chapter book manuscript is frozen. And I can’t seem to convince myself to get going on a YA novel. That is a lot of yuck. And it is all part of the process.

The trick, for me, is finding the good parts despite all the not-so-good. Like that coming off the best seller list makes me want to start new marketing efforts. And that now I can submit the picture book to another house that might be a better fit. Or Like that it is PiBoIdMo and I have the chance to come up with 30 new ideas this month with the support of the writing community.

Writing for kids is all about finding those sweet moments from childhood and capturing them in a story. So, if I can be resourceful enough to get a new stash of sweets, I’m pretty sure I can find some sweet new book ideas too. If not, I can always check Mister’s candy bowl.

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