Little Bit Different

08 Oct

I type the equivalent of “count me in!” and hit send. This group sounds great. A group of writers who will read and promote books that deserve more publicity. How could I say no?

I enjoy the first few reads: The Rainey Seasons by Roo Cadell, Country and the Rock by S. Willett, Green Goo by Terri Rowe. Then the book for November arrives. An ARC of Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool by Jody Lamb.

The cover is smooth. The binding has never been cracked. The pages are crisp. I’m already in love, and I haven’t even read it yet.

And I want that for my books.

Have you ever owned something but wished it could be just a little bit different? What was it? Have your feelings changed about it over time?

Check out Sarah Perry’s post on the group.


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2 responses to “Little Bit Different

  1. Jody Lamb (@jodymlamb)

    October 8, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Thank you, Beth! Sarah’s idea for the group was brilliant and you are just awesome. I hope you enjoy “Easter Ann Peters’ Operation Cool.” Yes, I wish for things to be different often and usually, in retrospect, I’m glad they didn’t change. Life experiences are not by chance. They happen for a reason.


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