Remember to Wait

05 Oct

It is no secret that publishing takes a long time. Writing, submitting, and finally getting a book on the shelf all require waiting. And parenting? It takes waiting for more than 18 years, sometimes an entire lifetime, to see how things turn out. But each journey has a lot to look forward to.

It might sound unbelievable, but I’m genuinely looking forward to the writing journey. From the spark of an idea to a first draft and revisions, queries, and submitting; each part of the writing journey reveals something. It might teach me something about my past, my attitudes or my character. And those lessons are worth discovering and worth waiting for.

With my son, though it is probably more map-able, I’m also looking forward to the journey. I look forward to the firsts: day of school, lost tooth, two-wheel bike ride, big let down, date, child, etc. But more than that I look forward to seeing how Mister handles those firsts and how they shape him into his unique self.

Sometimes I feel like I’m rushing through Mister’s childhood (in fact, I’m wishing the days away right now as he deals with a virus). And that waiting for him to grow up is taking forever. Querying too soon and  ignoring the feeling that a manuscript wasn’t quite finished are signs that I also try to rush the writing journey.

Though waiting can sometimes be difficult, stopping and commemorating the moment (this is the time I’m waiting to hear back on my very first agent request, for example) helps me to remember to wait. To enjoy the journey, because, with writing and parenting, I don’t want to miss it.

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