Angry Sheep

01 Oct

Sunday morning brunch at Mammaw’s house is one of Mister’s favorite things. Probably because Mammaw lets him do more than he gets to do at home.

“What do you want to play?” Mammaw asks.

“Press the microwave buttons,” Mister nearly demands.

“We can’t,” Mammaw tells him. “Daddy is cooking bacon.”

“Make the toaster ding,” he tries.

“Nope. It is making toast.”

“Sit in the chair and click?” he asks. He’s sounding desperate.


“Maa.” Mammaw’s “no” is interrupted by what I call Mister’s angry sheep noise.

“I know, you have to do a lot of waiting. You don’t like to wait.” Mammaw suggests something and he wriggles out of her arms to play. Still, Sunday brunch just went to Mister’s second favorite thing.

As I wrote last week, I think I’m getting better at writing and parenting, but I also have a long way to go. I’m looking forward to feeling more confident about both. What are you looking forward to? How are you dealing with the wait?

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