Other Than Beer

28 Sep

Despite that I thought about having a beer with lunch (Mister’s terrible two’s got worse) and that I found thank yous from Mister’s first birthday in my bill box this week, I think I am getting better at a lot of things. I found ways (other than beer) to deal with the stress Mister’s behavior is causing (I cleaned). And I didn’t let the late thank yous bother me.  I handed them to the recipients with early invitations for Mister’s party in November and made a joke about never being on time (when the old me might’ve been in tears).

I’m getting better in the writing world too. In the last few months, I’ve participated in some events that involved a lot of critique. When I first started writing, I felt very defensive about critique, but with these events, I mostly feel grateful. And it is paying off. I was able to listen to the suggestions made by other writers and make the changes to my query. A query that was chosen as one of 50 finalists out of more than 200 in an agent pitch contest. In the finals, I even got a request for the manuscript! I sent my requested manuscript off with a prayer knowing that it would be great if the agent loves it, and if not I’ll be a little hurt but I’ll still keep trying.


Here are some other improvements:

mothering wise:

realizing that sometimes not jumping to take care of Mister is teaching him those harder-to-learn -ence lessons (like patience, perseverence, independence, etc.)

using other parents and families that I don’t agree with as an opportunity to teach Mister (like the girl who kicked Mister in the nose at playgroup while his parents watched because she was going the wrong way on the slide)

telling Mister when I need a break or a time out so he understands it is ok to feel this way

keeping the big picture in mind helps me ignore things that might’ve caused more stress before



writing wise:

queries (proven, I think, by the GUTGAA request!)

taking critique, especially on queries (thanks to some tough love by some great writers during WriteOnCon, Bethany Hensel’s query clinic and GUTGAA), more seriously and less personally

altering my view of first drafts to a work in progress rather than a complete story

letting my writing take me to new places

also keeping the big picture in mind and knowing that my journey isn’t over


When I look back at my journey as a writer and my journey as a mother, I see a lot of similarities. Neither has been easy, but both are worth the effort.

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