24 Sep

Mister drops his pretzel and runs to get a book off his shelf. He brings it back to me, changes his mind and takes it to his dad. His first pass crushes the pretzel. The other trips spread the crumbs across the floor. When Mister finally notices the feeling under his feet, he finds the biggest chunk of pretzel left and aims at it with his heel.

“Please don’t step on it,” I tell him. “If you don’t want it, throw it in the trash or hand it to your dad.”

He picks up the chunk and hands it to Husband.

“Thank you,” I say, “now please help me clean this up.”

We do a quick pass with the broom (together) then get back to the book, leaving the few crumbs left on the floor.

Mister scans the room. “That is better,” he says.

Mister is getting much better at helping. I’m getting better about not letting little things like messes get to me so I can focus on the important stuff. What do you find yourself doing better?

I’ll elaborate on Friday, but I may just be doing better at queries. Check out one of mine here.

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