Wet Willies

21 Sep

Mary is a doggy mommy, but there are a lot of similarities between raising a dog and a child. For example, my kid gives wet willies. So does Mary’s dog. She said:

I think people should have to donate to animal rescue $.25/word they utter in the dog park.  $.50/word if it is thoughtless, stupid, or without consideration for what is/is not safe, normal dog behavior.  For example: “Stop your dog from sniffing my dog’s butt” How else are dogs supposed to greet each other?  A firm handshake?  A kiss on each cheek ala the French?  A fist bump?

…Maybe parents should have to donate to a child advocacy group $.25/word uttered at playgrounds, story times, public pools etc. $.50 if it takes the form of unsolicited advice.  As a calming mechanism, count their words and tally up their “donation.”

That would be a good calming mechanism on the playground. Or at our new play group where Mister introduced himself by telling another toddler boy that “the coffee is percolating.” Yeah I’m gonna be counting a lot.

As you might have guessed by the end of Monday’s post, I feel differently about the writing community.

My first experience with other writers was with a local writing class. I signed up hoping to find some guidance with a new project. I completed the project with the help of the class’ critique (it is the one in the GUTGAA contest) and some members of the class and I formed a critique group. We’ve since added three more members and we’re all writing strong.

After a little more independent work, I joined SCBWI and began to participate in the events. When I was ready to create a website, I looked to SCBWI’s LinkedIn page and found so many helpful answers.

Now every writing event I participate in and every milestone I reach, I meet writers ready to support me. And I’m happy to do the same. I don’t know if it is that we’re united by the same goal or the same readers or the same struggles, but we are united. Thanks, writers.

Links about community:

Stones piled in heart shape on a beach


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One response to “Wet Willies

  1. Jami Gold

    September 22, 2012 at 12:51 am

    Thanks for linking to my post! I know exactly what you mean about the writing community. 🙂 Good for you in joining a writing organization and participating in GUTGAA. Good luck with your project!


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