14 Sep

Someone recently called me a neologist.  A what?



1. A new word, expression, or usage.
2. The creation or use of new words or senses.
3. Psychology

a. The invention of new words regarded as a symptom of certain psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.
b. A word so invented.
4. Theology A new doctrine or a new interpretation of scripture.

ne·olo·gist n.
ne·olo·gistic, ne·olo·gisti·cal adj.
In a fancy way, they were saying I make up new words (at least I hope that is what they were saying and not the schizophrenia one) and I love it. I’m going to use that.
It got me thinking about what other fancy words I could use to describe what I do. I have a few writing bios, but in one that I like to use with other writers, I call myself a Human Development Specialist (a.k.a full-time mom). I’m also an experienced discoloration displacer (stain remover), consummate culinarian (good cook), lavatory director (potty trainer), and canteen dispatcher (closet eater because I don’t want to share).
Sounds pretty good, right?
But what about my writer self? Well, I’m a neologist to start. I’m also a concoction scrivener (fiction writer) who likes to fashion emergent figures (create childlike characters) as the pivotal principle of a parable (center of my story–and apparently I apply alliteration). My works include touchstone texts (picture books, as described here) and episodic publications (chapter books) brimming (I hope) with levity (filled with humor).
Let’s face it, being a mom is not the most glamorous job. Neither is being a writer. But if trash collectors can be called Sanitation Engineers, I can have some fancy words too. We all need something that makes us feel better about what we do. Unless, of course, you’re a neurosurgeon. Then it seems to come with the territory.
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