31 Aug

It is true that I sometimes struggle to bite my tongue while parenting Mister, but I realize that it is important. After all, no one likes to hear “I told you so.”

I sometimes have to bite my tongue, er-pencil, while writing too. In normal speech, I use the word hate, but this isn’t something I necessarily want kids to use. Especially as I use it. I want kids to understand what it really means to hate and use it appropriately. So I try to keep this word out of most of my work. Same goes for love. I also curse a little, over exaggerate a lot, and make up words. I have to find the balance if I use any of these in my writing. This is one of my writing tugs-of-war.

Pushing beyond my comfort zone has always been a challenge for me. I don’t like sports I don’t exceed at, I’m cautious about trying new things, and I don’t adjust quickly to change. When I’m writing, then, I like to stick to my comfort zone. At this point, my comfort zone is humor. I’ve had a few ideas that will require me to go deeper and I’m waiting patiently for the bravery to give it a shot.

I’ve read lots of books (the most recent being Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton) that just made writing look so easy. I know it probably wasn’t easy for that writer either. It is a little bit comforting to know that most people have personal struggles they too are trying to overcome.

What other writers say about struggling:


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One response to “Tugs-Of-War

  1. Terri K. Rowe

    August 31, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    They say art imitates life—it is so hard to know which boundaries to push through and how to proceed. This is another thought provoking piece.


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