And A…

10 Aug

I still don’t have a wish list from my sister. I’m prepared to nag again. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to try to be a good example by making my own.

My general wish list:

Zumba DVDs

A finished basement in which to use the Zumba DVDs without waking up Mister

Sally Hansen nail polish pens

Time to paint my nails

Black casual/comfy shoes

Snow pants

A part-time babysitter


My writing wish list:

Renewed SCBWI membership

Another trip to the NYSCBWI conference

An agent! (no wrapping or big red bow necessary)

Mechanical pencils

Attending a query clinic (perhaps with Bethany Hensel)

And a part-time babysitter


Writing wishes for friends:

Second Sight by Cheryl Klein

Domain name for a new author website

Also SCBWI memberships and conferences

The best critique group partners in the world (but good luck because I already have them)

And a part-time babysitter


Other writers’ wish lists:

Also check out Amazon’s wish list feature:

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