Surprise! No.

03 Aug

It is true that raising Mister sometimes feels like it is bigger than just me, like he’s going to be someone important. But what about my writing? Does that sometimes feel bigger than me too?

Surprise! No.

I’m starting to experience some success. I have published an ebook, my blog has a growing number of followers (thank you!), I’m becoming a familiar face with members of SCBWI. I probably should be feeling more like I’m fulfilling a greater purpose. Is something wrong with me?

Sure. Lots of things. But I don’t think this is one of them.

I don’t feel like my writing is fulfilling a greater purpose, but it is fulfilling my purpose. Writing is a huge driving force in my life, even if I don’t feel like my writing is a driving force in the larger world. Still, I have to believe that it IS bigger than me. That what I’m saying is worth writing. Worth publishing. Worth reading. But I also have to respect writing and reading as a personal journey. Other people seeing my writing, and sometimes even appreciating it, is big. Really big. But it is tiny compared to what each individual will do when he or she takes my words, adds them to other life experiences, and fulfills his or her own purpose.

Readers are what make my writing bigger than me. Thanks for being one of them today.

Links About Purpose:

8/5/12- P.S. I reread this (thanks to a suggestion from a friend) and it sounds a little “woe is me.” That is so not what I was going for, so I’m sorry if you read it that way too! So, to try to clarify, I’d like to add a little to this post:

If you asked some of the greatest writers of all time, I’d be willing to bet that they didn’t set out to write a book to change the world. They probably didn’t realize the significance of their writing until after it was public. Some maybe never even got the chance to see what effect/affect their writing had on society. That is how I feel about my writing. I’m not starting a new manuscript expecting to change how the world view things. I’m just writing a story. What will make the story matter is what happens when a reader adds it to the sum of his or her experiences.

It is a beautiful thing that, while I’m fulfilling my own personal purpose by writing, I have no idea where my writing will go from here. I don’t yet know the larger purpose for my work, which is why I don’t feel like it is bigger than me, even when it is. It will be up to the readers to decide where my writing goes. And I love that.

There. I feel better. Thanks.

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