Close Call

16 Jul

“Where do you want to walk?,” I ask Mister after the rain.

“Walk to the supermarket,” he suggests, “Drive car.”

We do need a few things, so I hoist Mister off of the wet sidewalk for a piggyback ride, his preferred method of travel these days. At least when he’s not driving the shopping cart with the car attached.

Mister gets heavy fast. Before we’ve even crossed the first street, I’m wishing we chose another destination.

“Almost there,” I say, more for myself than him, as we cross the second crosswalk.

As I lift one foot to step onto the curb, the other foot slides out from under me. I remember that Crocs shoes and wet road paint do not get along as Mister and I tumble almost to the ground. I catch us just before he falls. Luckily, no cars are coming and neither of us are hurt. That was one close call.

Almost deleted a first draft? Submitted to your dream agent before you were ready? What writing disaster have you just avoided? Or what writing disaster have you survived and learned from?


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2 responses to “Close Call

  1. salsanpeeps

    July 16, 2012 at 9:29 am

    I distinctly remember deleting writing assignments in college evenings before they were due. In one particular instance, I deleted an entire paper (not too long… somewhere in the vicinity of 12 pages) as I was putting on the finishing touches on the evening before the paper was due. I then spent all night working on it for my 8:00 AM class.

    I arrived at the class, handed in the paper, and was informed that it had to be accompanied by an oral presentation. So… I winged it. It was the start of a no-good, very-bad day. I wound up dropping my shampoo and soap out the third story window on my way to the shower, falling down the stairs, falling up the stairs, failing another writing assignment, etc.

    • cocoanqueso

      July 20, 2012 at 6:57 am

      I remember you deleting a paper. I also remember it happening to me. The difference is that you just calmly started over. I freaked out about it first. This is a good example of a writing disaster. I think enough people can relate to it that it might be something to make happen to a character. Thanks for commenting!


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