What I Didn’t Know Then

25 Jun

Needing to kill some time before bed, Husband and I take Mister for a long walk.

“Do you want to turn left or go straight?” Husband asks Mister.

Mister, seeming glad to have a say in where we go says, “straight.”

The rest of the walk is a series of “straights” as well, until we’re further away from home than normal. And someone’s little legs are getting tired.

“Pick you up,” he whines.

“Do you want to go play on the big map?” Husband asks Mister.

“Big map, big map!” he repeats. And we make a right to find the playground with the big map painted on the black top.

“Look, Daddy is in Pennsylvania.” Husband says, standing on the painted red rectangle representing our state.

“Pennsylvania,” Mister repeats almost perfectly despite his lateral lisp. Who would have thought that my son would know what state he lives in at 19 months old? Another motherhood surprise.

Motherhood supplies constant surprise and something new to learn every day. What have you learned that you didn’t know when you started writing? What still surprises you?

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