Have Some

18 Jun

The pinata breaks open and candy and kids scatter across the ground. Wanting to keep Mister mostly candy-free, we grab a lollipop and flee the scene.

“See this?” the birthday girl calls, following us. “This is a Tootsie Roll bar.”

“It is,” a say over my shoulder.

“Have some,” Mister says.

“Have some what?” I ask.

“Have some Tootsie Roll bar.”

Mister seems to have discovered that tasty things come in shiny little wrappers. I hope I can teach him that fun things come between shiny book covers too.

What is your favorite book cover? Your least favorite?

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Posted by on June 18, 2012 in Reading


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One response to “Have Some

  1. salsanpeeps

    June 18, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    It could be just that I love the book, but “There’s A Monster At The End of This Book.” I think “Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing” is telling. Not sure why, but the cover of “Snow Falling on Cedars” always captivated me.

    I’d venture to say that any book illustrated by Eric Carle would make my least favorite cover.


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