Making Connections

28 May

This may be one of my favorite prompts so far. Mostly because I love sound sounds or onomatapoeias. Salsanpeeps shared some good ones:

I think I like all water-related words like plop, ploop, schloop.  Plunk is good.  A dink is a good baseball one.  Maybe the word “tinker” also?  Could be onomotapoetic.  Thpbhthbthpt…. the spitting sound is a fun one.  There are a lot of good ones.

I think what appeals to me about this type of word is that they aren’t really words at all. And just like the spitting sound above, I can come up with my own words when I need.

I’ve heard that sound and smell memories can be some of the strongest. This may be why those veterans we honor in the US today sometimes have trouble with fireworks and other sounds that bring back things they experienced in war. While these aren’t the types of memories that I want to stir up, it does prove that these memories are strong.

I think back to my own childhood. “Schick, chick,” of a whisk against a bowl, “phfiiiiiiiiirl” of a hot tub turning on, and “fiiiissss” of a sprinkler shooting water all stir up happy memories for me. I think children may relate to these sounds as well.

Like most other things in writing, if done right, onomatopoeias offer another way to connect with readers. So, I’m listening closely.

Visit for more information and examples of onomatopoeias.


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3 responses to “Making Connections

  1. Tom Pierce

    May 28, 2012 at 8:03 am

    Hi Beth!

    I was checking out your blog after seeing the link to your new website.
    Great Job!

    I have been studying phonology lately, and I wanted to make this connection to
    what you have been talking about in your most recent posts.

    Nothing makes me feel more at home than the sound of a Pittsburgher talking the Yinzer talk. Every once in a while, my wife and kids catch me slipping into my dialect.

    Thanks for the new word!

    Word to your mother!

    Love Uncle Tom

    • cocoanqueso

      May 28, 2012 at 1:09 pm

      Thanks for taking a look at the website and revisiting the blog. I appreciate you adding to the post today. Did you learn anything else interesting in your phonology class?
      I’d be happy to supply you with yinzer-speak any time you need. Hope ta see yinz when yinz pass thru da burgh.

  2. Ellen Arnstein (@Lenni825)

    May 28, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Just saw this “When the tool came out of the ground, it came with a gush of water, like we’d just struck oil, and indescribably hilarious squirpple-plushhh-blurp sound.”


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