Green Grass Grows

26 Mar

Though my picture book,  I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING didn’t win the MeeGenius Author Challenge or one of the runner-up prizes, the digital publisher did release my book for e-sales on Friday! Hooray! It has a new narrator’s voice too. Please click the link to check out a preview!

On that note, can you guess where I’m going with this week’s topic?


“I wish he’d just stretch it a little further between his feedings,” I complain to my mother when Mister is new.

“I can’t wait until he’s walking,” I tell my neighbor before Mister turns 1.

“If only he’d just sleep through the night. Then I’d be okay,” I tell my husband after 15 straight months of not sleeping.

“I’m ready for you to be done with tantrums,” I tell Mister.

“Enjoy him while he’s young,” a grandmother tells me in the dentist’s waiting room. “It goes so fast.”

I bite my tongue.

“It does,” another mother adds. “My daughter is getting married in the fall. It seems like just yesterday she was that small.”

I don’t tell her that waiting to have my teeth cleaned is the most “free time” I’ve had in months. And I don’t let it make me feel guilty that I haven’t enjoyed every second of Mister today, since he’s in this new hitting phase.

It seems that, no matter what phase of babyhood we’re going through, the grass always looks greener in the next phase. It’s not that I’m wishing away Mister’s youth. I really am enjoying most of each of his developmental stages. But it is even easier to enjoy them in hindsight. I think that is why mothers of older children and grandmothers offer that kind of advice.

When has the grass looked greener for you? And your writing?


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