May Cause Giggling

02 Mar
May Cause Giggling

I often think that my son should have come with a warning label. Or warning labelS. Lots and lots of warning labels. Like “throws illogical tantrums well before the ‘terrible twos'” or “rides his fire truck while hanging upside down off the back” or even “kisses with his tongue out.” But, he didn’t and I’m kind of learning as I go.

Readers kind of have the same experience when they read something by an unfamiliar author. They aren’t familiar with the “rules” of that writer’s work. Are they about happy endings? Cliffhangers? What can they rely on the characters to do? They have to learn as they go.

So I was thinking, if I could put a warning label on my writing to help the reader through that journey, what would it say? Here are some:

On the illustrated version of I’M NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING, my book for the MeeGenius contest, I’d put “may cause giggling, especially if a half-nude elderly woman is funny to you.”

On TOMBOY RULES, my WIP (work in progress) middle grade series, I’d put “contains identity crisis.”

On PASS GAS HERE, my WIP picture book about flatulence, I’d put “is a gas.”

Okay, so maybe these aren’t super witty, but I have labyrinthitis to blame (“may cause dizziness”). It is still fun to think about. So the next time you write or read a new story, think about what the warning label would read!

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One response to “May Cause Giggling

  1. Sick Boy McCoy

    March 2, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    I agree, they should put “Makes more sense the more you drink” on The Sound And The Fury


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