24 Feb

Thanks, Kelly, for sharing the positive feedback from your son’s class! I agree that getting that kind of response from readers is enough to keep your writing going for a while. Congratulations!

It is great to stay on a roll with positive feedback, but what about when I’m not getting any positive feedback? Or even worse, when I’m getting rejection letters? What else boosts my writing then?

When things aren’t looking so up, I sometimes have to make my own boosts. I can start by reconnecting with my inner child. I can eat kid food (marshmallows!), watch kid tv, play kid games, or READ KID BOOKS! I’m almost always reminded why I’m writing when I do these things. And I get more ideas for more books.

Emailing another writer or meeting with my critique group can also get me focused on my writing again. Writing is a lonely thing. Getting out of my own head for a while can really help me.

Writing this blog is also a great tool for me. It gets me thinking about writing without dwelling on a story I’m stuck on or a rejection I just got.

So, when you need a boost, I recommend eating, watching tv, playing games, reading, emailing, meeting, and blogging. That doesn’t sound so bad.

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Posted by on February 24, 2012 in Inspiration and Ideas, Stuck


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