30 Jan

I sit down in one of the 1400 extra-upright chairs. I squish and slide my large tote bag, packed with everything read I should bring and then some, under the seat in front of me. I open a brand new notebook, click the lead through my mechanical pencil, and situate both on my lap. I’m ready to begin my first SCBWI conference.

Not super comfortable with unknowns, I’m nervous. I lift my second cup of coffee with a shaking hand. I miss my mouth and drip on my new notebook. I have to turn three pages to find a clean one.

I find my clean paper just in time. Lin Oliver takes the stage to welcome the attendees. She begins with a quote. “Everyone wants to be a bodybuilder but ain’t no body want to lift no heavy ass weights.” -Ronnie Coleman

I know immediately that I’ll fit right in here. And have a great time.

What is your favorite quote about writing? Or maybe one not about writing that you think still applies?

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Posted by on January 30, 2012 in Inspiration and Ideas


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