Pearly Whites

27 Jan

Both comments this week were really great. I think that only after I’m ready with my elevator pitch (thanks, Mary) can I be confident and smile (as per salsanpeeps). So, a lot of work went in to preparations for the SCBWI conference this weekend so that I can show my pearly whites (which I even whitened for the occasion).

So how do I plan to stand out? Well, first I plan to introduce myself in creative ways. I thought up two truths and a lie, comparisons, the cheesy Wheel of Fortune type intro, and one loaded sentence that tells who I am and what I write. I figure that if my introduction is the only thing an editor, agent, or fellow writer hears me say, it had better stand out.

Also, I did my research. I read the blogs of the faculty, downloaded the guidebook app, and made a list of individualized questions for the professionals I might run in to. I hope this makes them think I know my stuff, despite being a “slush puppy,” as one of the agents I’ll meet calls writers like me.

I packed well. I researched things people who have attended this conference in the past said they brought (or wished they had). Some of the list incudes: business cards with a headshot, water, snacks, pens and paper for writer friends, a hard-backed notebook, one sentence pitches, mints, emergen-C, and a large tote bag.

Last, I’m keeping an open mind. I’m not going to the conference expecting to land a publishing contract or meet my agent (though that would be great). I’m just hoping to learn as much as I can to make me a better writer. I think that my positive attitude will make me stand out. If not, there’s always my broken foot…


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