Intricate Weaving

21 Jan

I’m not actually a fan of writing a twist just to add a twist. They’re fun to read. They’re fun to write too. But, if the twist is too shocking I think the story loses something. I prefer an intricate weaving of story details that subtly foreshadow the twist. Then, when the twist is revealed, everything sort of clicks.

All that sounds lovely, but the challenge is making it work. Planning is key. Mapping out the plot helps me discover the twist. I can even start from the twist and work backward, fleshing out key details as I work.

But, some of the magic still happens in the writing. When I write a story with a twist, magical loose ends often appear that magically get tied up at the end.

So, if I want a story with a twist, I have to plan and write. It is almost that simple.

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One response to “Intricate Weaving

  1. Novel Girl

    January 21, 2012 at 8:07 am

    Ooh, nice diagram. I love seeing photos of plot in relation to stories. It’s such a help when writing.


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