Best of Both

11 Jan

It used to be that, when I sat down to write, I had to have a cup of chai tea at just the right temperature in my travel mug (because otherwise I spill). I had to start by reading my book of writing quotes. Then I had to journal. Then I had to brainstorm new story ideas. Then I had to reread the draft of what I was working on. Then I had to make notes on where I wanted to take the draft. And only after I had the notes in the appropriate place in my writing binder could I start writing. This routine worked for me. I did it religiously. Until Mister was born.

Now my writing routine consists of finding a pencil (he’s really into them these days, so they all grow legs) and paper. Sometimes I don’t even sit. And forget the chai tea. My old routine, it turns out, was a crappy routine when I’m trying to squeeze writing between dinner prep and toy round-up or glass cleaning and bink boiling.

The point? Find the writing routine that works for you–and be open to changing that routine when it no longer works. I’m able to still be productive with my writing while caring for an energetic toddler. I get the best of both. Aren’t I super lucky?


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