Proof is in the Tooting

06 Jan

Mary, I really enjoyed your ridiculous writing. Thanks for sharing.

I think I’m a pretty average human being. I try to maintain a clean house. I don’t curse a lot. I keep my nose out of where it doesn’t belong. I don’t engage in confrontations. Despite my seemingly average, even sometimes mundane, life, I can come up with some pretty ridiculous things when I’m writing. Don’t believe me? Here are my top 5 things that prove I’m ridiculous:

5. I used at least four made up words in my middle grade chapter book.

4. I tried to write a picture book using only clichés.

3. I actually put on tights (which I really do hate) to be able to describe what it felt like to wear them in writing.

2. I unintentionally wrote a poem about a future kleptomaniac cross dresser.

1. I wrote an entire picture book inspired by my husband’s flatulence, and am going to pitch it at a writer’s conference.

See? The proof is in the tooting.

I like letting myself be a little bit more ridiculous when I write than I am when I’m living. If reading, like all entertainment, is an escape from life, then why can’t writing be? So, I plan to embrace my ridiculousness. Who knows, it might turn in to something publishable? Besides, its pretty fun.

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