02 Jan

Mister’s in bed. Husband and I curl up on the couch for some cuddle and TV time. We switch to a stupid movie and settle in. Then, it happens. The commercial is for a head-to-toe fleece suit made for lounging. It shows adults and children of both genders enjoying the suit: while studying, at a sleepover, on the phone, at the big game. It sounds like a good idea. If you ignore that is makes the wearer look like a giant Tele or Cookie Monster (Mister is watching Sesame Street these days). Then it goes too far.

“Oh, no. Gotta go?” the commercial asks. “Just open the zipper flaps in front and back.” A woman demonstrates each flap. “That’s zipper flaps in front and back.” Demonstration again.

I lose it. Tears stream down my face as I laugh until my sides ache. How ridiculous!

What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever included in your writing.

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One response to “Ridiculous

  1. Mary

    January 3, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Apparently, I am ridiculous all the time! I once read that all things are possible except skiing through a revolving door. I thought that was so funny a mental picture that I used that as the theme to a few college scholarship essays.

    In high school, we were charged with writing an ode in the spirit of Ode to a Waterfowl by William Cullen Bryant. Knowing that my english teacher was going to have to suffer through sappy odes to moms, bunnyrabbits, rainbows and other fluff, I wrote an Ode to the Flu. Another high school teacher asked us to write an adventure story about an assigned person. I got John Milton. Dude went blind in a debtors’ prison — not exactly fodder for a swashbuckler. So I wrote my essay in unrhymed Iambic pentameter, the same rhyme and meter used in Paradise Lost. And for the Regents exam, I wrote an entire piece on why I hate country music, turned it in and THEN thought “what if I don’t graduate because my teacher LOVES country music? crap, CRAP!” She called me into her classroom very sternly to discuss my exam (gulp) and then told me she’d never laughed so hard (in a good way) while reading an exam. Whew.

    I tried to write a fellowship essay on what a fine, upstanding character Cecil Rhodes was. Too bad he was a spectacular racist. Thankfully, Ms. Menis made me change it.


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