16 Dec

Mister really is a prince. And he knows it. You should see him flirt! None of the kissing fairy tales are what I’d choose to come true, however. Maybe too many slobbery kisses cured me of that.

Mary’s with me. No kisses for her either.

Tangled.  I wish that my arrestingly jumbo sized fluffy hair had some magical powers that could be wielded for good.

Hansel and gretl.  Hansel could leave a trail of breadcrumbs only to have gretl save the day by busting out her compass and mad orienteering skillz.

I like that Hansel and Gretl rewrite. That one always disturbed me. Not as much as the Indian fairy tale Mary shared in comments. Yikes!

Some days, I feel like Cinderella. I cook. I clean. I do laundry. I wipe and wipe and wipe a runny nose. I feed. I shop. I pay bills. I wipe and wipe and wipe a dirty bum (not even Cinderella had to do that). I’d love for a FairyWritingPerson to swoop down and make my manuscripts so beautiful that any Publishing Prince would be a fool not to snatch them up. And maybe it will happen, but until then, I have to write my own fairy tale.

The classic fairy tales can help me do that. I can use them as models for what works and what doesn’t. I can read for characterization, critique word choice, and outline the plot in stories that have stood the test of time. Studying and reading and experiencing all kinds of stories will only improve my writing. Then maybe I’ll get my happily ever after.

P.S. You can be my FairyWritingPerson by voting for me in the MeeGenius Author Search Contest!

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