11 Nov

I read once that all authors have big egos. It is what makes us feel like our story is important enough for other people to read. Or what makes us strive to see our name on the cover of a book.

If that is true, it makes the reader that much more important. The reader has the power to inflate our egos by buying or reading our books. Just by a reader cracking the binding, we feel validated.

But, readers seldom get to tell us what they think of us. Or our books. Sure, there are book reviews and reviewers, but they represent only a small portion of readers.

So, now is our chance as readers to tell (other) authors what we’d like them to know. Here’s my list:
1. I respect the effort it takes to write a story from beginning to end, and even more when you make it look effortless.
2.Being true to your voice is enough to make me keep reading, even if your book isn’t my thing.
3. I can tell when you’re pushing your agenda by writing your beliefs into a character.
4. A huge vocabulary doesn’t impress me. How you use it does.
5. I can tell when you write what you are passionate about rather than what is hot.
6. Please keep writing so I can keep learning!

I’d still love to hear what it is you would like authors to know. That is my ultimate goal, after all: to become an author. Some insights would help.

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Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Inspiration and Ideas


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