Give It a Shot

21 Oct

I’m a little bit of a rule breaker. Maybe a rule bender is more like it. Not of real rules, though, I’m too scared to bend those. The rules I bend are like driving a sports car instead of a minivan, even when society tells me that’s not what moms do. I want a tattoo. Really, I do. I want to be able to wear art. But, former teachers don’t get those. Do they? And (gasp) I don’t necessarily read series books in order. It irks me, though, when I’m reading book 3 and stumble across a reference to book 1, making me feel like I’ve missed something. That is why this weeks question is so hard for me.

I don’t want to put my future readers down by referring to something they haven’t necessarily read.But, I also don’t want the reader to get the wrong idea of my character either. And that is what happened recently.

I took the first draft of the beginning of Book 4 to a critique session. My fellow writers tore it up! And rightly so! My character was coming off as a big jerk. Since I know her so well, I didn’t see it until they pointed it out. Yikes! I was making her an anti-hero.

Taureanw recommends that, if I do decide to recap, that I add it to the action. Good suggestion. I’m going to contiue to try to be successful with stand alone characterization, but I’ll also give that suggestion a shot. I don’t have a thing to lose.

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