18 Oct

Mister walks in to the dining room and I let him go. The house is baby-proofed and I’m trying to encourage his independence.

I pick up the toys littering the floor from a full morning of play, wipe a smear of animal cracker goop from the hardwood floor, and reshelve the books Mister pulled out while selecting his favorite. Then I go to check on him.

“What are you doing?” I ask. Busted. Mister grasps his forbidden treasure and tries to make a get-away.

“What does Mum say?” I ask. He points to his mouth and shakes his head “no.”

“That’s right. Not in your mouth.”

I pry the envelope from his fingers and eye the hole he has chewed through the middle. I check his mouth for any signs of paper. Then I throw the envelope away not too concerned. He’s eaten a lot worse.

“I guess you can reach the table now?” I ask. He grins. Pica? Maybe. Remorse? No.

I’m also busted this week. It is Tuesday and I’m just getting to my “beginning of the week” post. Unlike Mister, I do feel remorse for the delay. But, life happens. And thank goodness or we’d have nothing to write about.

My question this week is a personal one. I’m trying to begin book four of my middle grade chapter book series and I’m having difficulty characterizing the main character in a way different from books one through three. I don’t want to leave the reader with a feeling of deja vu by using things from the other books. However, I’m having trouble being successful. A trusted writer-friend suggested doing a recap of the other story (stories) as insight into the character. But, I don’t want the reader to feel bad or not be able to follow if he or she is starting on book four. What do you think? Do you mind recaps of previous books in a sequel?


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2 responses to “Busted

  1. taureanw

    October 18, 2011 at 10:24 am

    I usually dislike it but that is usually because I wait until all the books in a series are released before I start reading, so I am usually already caught up. BUT “normal” people probably read them as their released so they may wait a year & more before the next book is released & need a refresher.
    I think the best way to do it is mix it in with the current action vs dedicated several pages to nothing but straight recap. That way people who are already caught up will still be getting something new while the recap is going on. Just my 2 cents!!

    • cocoanqueso

      October 19, 2011 at 11:02 am

      Thanks for your two cents. Mixing the recap in with action makes a lot of sense. That follows my rule about includingonly what forwards the plot too. I’ll give it a shot!


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