Who are you wearing?

23 Sep

Mister reminded me, by grabbing the saggy bottom of my jeans this morning, that my pre-pregnancy pants don’t fit me anymore. I’m not that girl. I’m a mommy. It is a change I have to adapt to. So far it still feels like I’m wearing someone else’s pants. Like on the red carpet when they ask “Who are you wearing?”

When I became a teacher, I wasn’t sure those pants fit me either. I dreamt of trying on entrepreneurial pants and opening an antique shop. Or going back to school and putting on interior design pants. They would be so fashionable! When I plan parties, I think maybe those pants would be fun, especially if I didn’t have to be the host.

Writing sometimes throws me into uncomfortable pants too. I’ll be strolling along with a picture book when all of a sudden it doesn’t seem to fit. I feel restricted by the number of words or the format. Or my middle grade pants will suddenly feel too big to fill. I’ve evpaireen staring at a pair of young adult pants. I haven’t tried them on yet, though.

I guess part of life is trying on different pairs of pants to see what fits, and being open to change when they don’t.

My psychic pants are telling me that Mary’s comment wins this week (not really-I checked the poll). Psychic pants would come in handy. Especially for writing!

I hope whatever pants you are wearing today are comfortable ans well-fitting. And that you aren’t afraid to try on a new pair!


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2 responses to “Who are you wearing?

  1. Neeks

    September 23, 2011 at 3:18 pm

    What a great analogy for life! Today I have on my blog pants. I should have on my writing pants, but I have on these instead. They are very time consuming to wear, Facebook buttons, email zipper, etc.
    Great post, very good picture in my mind of the different things. Thanks!

    • cocoanqueso

      September 23, 2011 at 9:24 pm

      Oh man! I love the idea of the buttons and zipper being something else. That sounds like a great idea for a story! Thanks!


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