09 Sep

Hooray for Ellen, who is never embarrassed to share her writing! But, she does admit being self-conscious about it, especially if it is fiction (By the way, I think there is a difference. Self-consciousness is an awareness of your differences, while embarrassment is a fear of exposure of those differences).

For those of us who aren’t like Ellen, sharing writing can be a scary experience. Scarier than announcing an answer to that ice breaker question (mine was tedious and I always have extras).

Each time I write, I am putting my heart, mind, soul, and the sum of my experiences on paper. Sometimes tthe results are things that are newly revealed to even me, so the thought of showing them to someone else is frightening.

The closer I am to a project or character, the harder it is for me to share. Mabel, my middle grade character, made her debut in July, despite having been written since 2009. So much of myself is in her, and I’m afraid of being shown her flaws, and therefore also my own.

But, my hope is that being aware of my own flaws, the flaws in my characters, and the weaknesses of my writing will inspire others to share a little more of themselves. Even if it is a little scary.

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