Validation by Publication

15 Jul

I blog a lot about my weaknesses. Mostly because I think they’re funny, but also because they are an important part of what makes me, me. But, there is a time to toot my own horn a little too.  Here is what makes Ellen feel like playing a little tune:

“Comments on my blog! Positive feedback from people I respect like college professors or other authors makes me feel good too. Also when I can reread my work a few weeks later and still think it’s good.”

I agree with Ellen. Positive feedback from people I respect is huge. I’ve learned, though, that what makes me feel confident as a writer has to come from within.

With current publishing trends favoring books by already published or celebrity authors, I can’t wait for validation by publication. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to be published, but, it does mean that I can continue to write, and feel good about it, even without it. Here is when I feel like a pretty good writer:

When I can hear my writing voice clearly.

When I stay true to the character I’ve created.

When my writing makes me or others laugh.

When I discover something about myself through writing.

When I finish a book.

When I push through being stuck.

When I revise and cut something I was particularly fond of for the sake of the story.

When I’m not afraid to pursue publication, even if it means failing.

When I believe in my heart that I will be published.

I’m not saying I don’t have weaknesses (you can read them in most of my other posts) and difficult writing days. I sure do. But, remembering what makes me feel like a pretty good writer helps me get through it. Toot your own horn a little today. Then get back to work.


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