Make it Fun

08 Jul

Thanks to salsanpeeps for sharing writing shortcomings. That isn’t always easy to do. I think everyone has difficult parts of the writing process. Identifying challenging areas may help to fix them.

The part of my writing that often gets “the crust” is revision. I’m so deliberate in my writing that when it comes to changing things after the fact, I have a hard time. Knowing this, I ask for outside help from my critique group.

Here are some suggestions for dealing with other writing process challenges:

Planning: try a “magic” board.

Beginnings: find a routine that gets you relaxed and ready to write.

Middles: play the “what if” game to find possible middles to your story.

Endings: try reading to where the action stops and cut the rest.

Revision: save multiple copies and don’t permanently delete anything. Trial and error is okay and may lead to something else fabulous.

Editing: read your story aloud. You might be able to hear the mistakes.

The crust doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Making the most of it, or making it fun, (like sticking cheese in the middle and grilling it with butter) can help.

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