Good Fit

23 May

With two 80 degree days in the forecast, I climb to the attic in search of my summer clothes. I open the bag and dig through. Not much will fit.  After having Mister, I’m not much bigger.  My body is just different. That dress will emphasize my muffin top.  This top isn’t long enough to cover my worn leather-like stomach. And those shorts? NO WAY!

At first, I get a little discouraged.  These clothes fit me before. Then I see the box of maternity clothes from last summer.  At least those aren’t still a good fit.

How do you know when a publisher is a good fit?


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4 responses to “Good Fit

  1. Mary

    May 24, 2011 at 9:41 am

    You look amazing and I hope the self criticism was more for dramatic/literary effect than an actual reflection of how you feel about yourself. Unless you’ve been smoking since infancy and tanning about as long, I doubt any part of you is leathery. March over to that mirror right now, young woman, and pronounce yourself smashingly beautiful.

    Also, I have 2-3 dresses (one BRAND new but I can’t return and two gently worn from Elizabeth) that I think would look great on you.
    One is a knee-length summer shift (cotton stretch) in a soft green and blue paisley. It has pockets. Imagine! (pretend it is in blue and green)

    Another is a pretty sundress in mustard with floral trim

    and the third is a little black dress. (The links aren’t to items I’ve posted on ebay, but pictures of the same dresses.)

    I also have a cute charcoal grey skort that I might like back someday but for now, y0u can have it/borrow it. I highly recommend going to Target or the New Balance store or Marshalls and getting some cute running skorts. They make your butt look amazing and have a great waistband that elongates your torso. And although formerly believed that Talbotts was an old lady store, I found some cute knit dresses for like $1.50. Let’s go shopping this weekend?!?

    I don’t really have shorts, save those I use for running and those I use for sleeping…

    • cocoanqueso

      May 28, 2011 at 3:53 pm

      Dramatic? Me? Never. I wish I could say it was just for effect, but I’ve never had high self-esteem. Having my body inflate and deflate like a latex balloon didn’t help. The dresses are very cute and I’d love to borrow them. As for shopping, soon! Thanks for the comment. You are a smashing young woman as well!

    • cocoanqueso

      June 10, 2011 at 12:25 pm

      I bought a running skirt. So far it is great. It doesn’t make me feel too frumpy either. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Katie

    May 26, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    I never had to search for a publisher since I am an artist, but I assume it is a little bit like finding an art agent, and I received a little bit of advice about the world childrens book illustration back in college.
    I would search for someone who has a niche or publishes the same sort of book that I write. I wouldn’t want an art agent who represents abstract artists to represent me, just as you wouldn’t want an adult novel publisher to publish your childrens book (and they probably wouldn’t appreciate the lack of research effort before you submitted your manuscript). I think a lot of people assume that a bigger and more well known publisher is better, and that is sometimes, though not always true. Since smaller publishers are usually more specialized, they are sometimes easier to contact and are very knowledgeable since they have that niche.
    Research, research, research! I would check out the publishers of book at a local store and look them up online. I have learned that most of their websites have submission guidelines for illustrators and writers, and you should always make sure they accept unsolicited submissions. Otherwise, it is a waste of your time and a postage stamp.


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