How rude!

29 Apr

It may sound a little crazy, but I hear voices. Not voices, really, just voice.  When I write, I hear the voice of my “inner critic.” She (yes, it is a she) is sure to share how she feels about my latest story.  She’s rude.  She’s outspoken. She knows no boundaries.  When she’s done, I often want to crumble the draft and practice my three-pointers. 

But, I DON’T!

I hole-punch the draft instead and stick it in the back of my binder. Why? Because of something else I’ve learned about my critic: she’s easily bored. The next time I read the draft, the critic, realizing she’s already critiqued that story, continues filing her nails or preening in the mirror (or whatever it is she does when she isn’t telling my I stink). She keeps quiet and what is worthy and good in my story shines through. That doesn’t necessarily mean the writing turned out as well as I planned, but it doesn’t mean it was ready for the trash either. 

As Gail Carson Levine always says, “Have fun! Save what you write!”

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